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  • By law, before entering the camping, it is indispensable having an authorization issued by the Management and make sure you have the identity documents with photos and signature of every person.
  • Any visit is permitted only after releasing the identity documents and after the issuance of a pass ticket. No guests are accepted in periods of full allocation.
  • The plots, are assigned by the Management and can not be changed without authorization. The plots must be cleaned and lett within 12 am. Beyond this time you will be charged another day's stay.
  • A numbered plate is given for each tent or caravan and it must be exhibited in the assigned parking.
  • The bungalows can be occupied from Saturday to Saturday, from 12 am and be released within 9 am.
  • Dogs are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited: any connection, without authorization, to the electrical equipment; electric cookers; any loud noise; lighting fires on the ground.
  • Traffic, enter and exit from the Camp of vehicles is prohibited from 11 pm to 7 am and from 2 pm to 4 pm. In these times motorbikes can circulate only with the engine off. In the same hours it is prohibited all noises that may disturb the campers.
  • The cleanliness of toilets and field are assigned to the civil behaviour of the campers. Children less than 6 years must be accompanied to services.
  • Within the camp you must drive with caution and not exceed 5 km per hour.
  • Every camper is required to keep his things on his own property. The Management shall not be liable for damage or theft. It is possible to store things in the Management storage.
  • The entry into the camp involves compliance with this regulation. Any non-compliance involves the immediate removal as an undesired person.
Does the Campground have a Discotheque?
No. The nearest one is about a mile away.
Do you have bungalows?
Yes. We have brick bungalows with a bathroom and shower as well as a fully-equipped kitchenette in the veranda.
When is the Campground open?
From May 1st till October 31st.
How large is the Campground?
The Campground extends for 11,583 square miles and can, by law, contain up to 424 people.
Are dogs allowed?
Unfortunately they are not. Not even toy dogs. Only cats are allowed.
Do you have a Restaurant-Pizzeria within the Campground?
No. The Restaurant-Pizzeria is located 87 yards from the Campground entrance.
Do you offer full or half-pensions?
No, however you can contact the Restaurant-Pizzeria "La Taverna degli Artisti" which borders the Campground at the following number 0784.8666060.
Do you have a swimming pool?
No. We are located near a crystal-clear sea with shallow water.
When can we begin booking?
You can book from January 15th on. Visit our website.
Is the Campground located near the town?
Yes. It is just 800 yards from the main town square.
Do you offer beach facilities?
No. The beach is public, however you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas as well as surfboards, pedalos and rubber boats.
Do you have direct beach access?
Yes, the Campground borders the beach.
Do you have power boxes?
Yes. They're calibrated at 3 or 6 Amps (650 watts) for lights, TV and fridge. Electric burners may not be used.
Do you have a parking lot?
Cars may be parked near your camping lot free of charge. If you return to the Campground during the "Quiet" period (see Campground Regulations) you must leave your car in the night parking lot.
Do you offer shuttle service?
We do not offer shuttle service. The bus stop is located 847 yards from the Campground.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following payment methods: cash, client cheque, ATM, Visa and Mastercard.
Do you offer Camper Service?
Yes, we have the "Fiamma" Camper Service.
Do you have gas cylinders?
Yes, at our Campground Market.
Do you have hot showers?
Hot showers are free of charge.
Do you have gas bottles?
The Campground markets is stocked with bottles up to 5 kg by the company CampingGaz. If you need 10-15 kg propane bottles you need only call and they will be brought to you by the authorized dealer.
Do you have animation?
No, but we have straight access to "La Cinta" beach and we are less than a kilometer from the center of the village of San Teodoro, you will undoubtedly find the opportunity to enjoy your time here.
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