San Teodoro is a popular and lively destination.

The bustling little town offers a range of leisure activities, as do the wonderful natural surroundings.

Bike Rental Camping San Teodoro La Cinta

Bike Rental

At Camping San Teodoro La Cinta you can rent a bicycle to get to the centre of the village more quickly. Where it’s nice to stroll among the craft stalls of the evening market during the summer, perfect for those who love to shop even when they’re on holiday.
We also recommend the most beautiful cycling routes in the area to our sporting guests.

Excursions Camping San Teodoro La Cinta


It is possible to book excursions on Monte Nieddu, among many trekking routes with spectacular views.
For those who love horse riding, we recommend horse riding excursions to the wonderful San Teodoro lagoon.

It is possible to organize a visit to the sea museum which collects testimonies from the seabed of the coast of San Teodoro, ranging from the Punic period to the modern age.

Sports Schools Camping San Teodoro La Cinta

Sports Schools

Water sports enthusiasts can practice Kite and Windsurfing at La Cinta beach.

It is possible to organize diving and snorkelling in the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara. And, for those who love the wind that blows over the coasts of Sardinia, the sailing school is unmissable.

It is also possible to organize boating trips.