San Teodoro

A sunny ancient village with the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Itineraries Camping San Teodoro La Cinta


The lagoon of San Teodoro lies right behind the campsite and La Cinta beach. An oasis of tranquility to be explored at sunset or early in the morning during the summer season.

Sports enthusiasts meet up in the area to try their hand at the most challenging routes of Monte Nieddu.

Between fields, waterfalls and Mediterranean scrub, there are many possibilities, of different difficulties and durations but they all offer evocative views of the coast.

Beaches Camping San Teodoro La Cinta


San Teodoro is famous for its beaches of pure white sand and its crystal-clear waters. The best-known of all is La Cinta, the ideal beach for children, with its gently sloping seabed.

Cala Brandinchi with its vivid colours, surrounded by pine and juniper trees, leading on to Lu Impostu. Cala Girgolu with its coves dotted with granite rocks and the scent of Mediterranean vegetation.

Capo Coda Cavallo the final stretch of San Teodoro’s beautiful coastline. And then there is S’Isuledda, with its beautiful shades of blue. Last, but by no means least as far as beauty is concerned, the magnificent Tavolara Island, with its marine conservation area, providing the backdrop to the entire coastline.